The use of maps has become very important in every aspect of our daily lives; urban planning, health, emergency response, utilities, transportation, business, etc. Maps are essential and directly have an impact on every aspect of human endeavor. In recent times, the introduction of web maps and apps have made it easier for individuals and industries to connect.

Mapping and spatial analysis are best deployed as a location platform. Spatial analysis simply means adding (x,y,z) coordinates to a location. This is termed as “geocoded location”. A geocoded location supports the analysis of complex issues by asking deeper questions like; why are things here, what different thing we can do, where should the thing be, and similar ones like problems affecting individuals, businesses and institutions.  Esri Location Analytics platform is centered on Web GIS, which includes Portals for organizing and managing spatial data, and mapping services that can be integrated with enterprise applications and data. Using Esri’s location platform, internally generated data and supporting layers of information in relation to developed maps, like demographics provides great support for decision makers.

Spatial analysis or Location intelligence is a powerful tool for advanced, growing and emerging markets across the globe. It provides relationships of multiple datasets of locations that can be analyzed relative to selected features. Best decisions are made based on analyzing locations using spatial dimension at both local and global scales. The world is rapidly evolving into cloud and mobile computing, hence data gathering and modeling databases and datasets in GIS is also growing. Esri Location analytics combines geographic data on assets, infrastructure, transportation as well as the environment together with demographic, census or other relative data on an organization’s operations and individual customers to discover powerful answers to any business challenges and share those insights.

The Power of Location Analytics lets you build complete information and analysis for new customers, markets, and levels of success by bringing the power of ArcGIS tools and methodologies to traditional business analytics systems like business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and enterprise asset management (EAM), as well as productivity tools like Microsoft Office and collaboration tools like Microsoft SharePoint.

 [box style=”1″]‘Web GIS makes it possible to support anyone with authoritative, up-to-date geographic information as part of their routine work. And focused apps make it easy for anyone in the organization to make maps, do analytics, and access shared maps and data.’[/box]

Our ‘Solutions’ team has over the years, used Esri Software and Technology to deliver powerful Web services that records and delivers brilliant analytics for any location in Ghana, Nigeria, Gabon, Gambia and Liberia for our clients. The apps and web services developed based on Location intelligence have the capability to visualize, identify and analyze relationships. Location intelligence provides enormous analytics and operational solutions across organizations and businesses. We ensure excellent analytics and insights are delivered to our customers by providing intelligent Web GIS Solutions and Mobile Apps for them to cover every aspect of private, social, business and all the other activities people do in the “real” world.

[alert type=”info”]‘Our solutions enable users: Uncover invisible data and analytics for any location’[/alert]

We provide Location Intelligence across companies and departments, including:

  • Predictive analysis
  • Real-time tracking of patterns and trends
  • Streamlining services and operations
  • Risk management
  • Cost-effective custom solutions