Save Water with ArcGIS

Conserving water is a strategic priority for many water utilities, especially those facing drought. Yet conservation is complex. There are too many moving pieces to have a single, silver-bullet solution. To conserve water in an appreciable way, your utility must focus on increasing water efficiency and reducing customer demand.

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You can do both with ArcGIS. Map-based visuals, spatial analytics, and collaboration capabilities help you deploy proven workflows, templates, and applications that save water. Learn how others are saving water and money in this brochure [PDF].

Integrated GIS

Improve Water Conservation

Organize and share conservation information across your organization and to the public. ArcGIS empowers customers to change their behavior.

Integrated GIS

Reduce Water Loss

Conserve water with a variety of leak-detection tools. Apply analytics and proven solutions to reduce distribution-network leakage.



Integrated GIS

Proactively Optimize Field Operations

Empower your field staff to effectively respond to emergencies with ArcGIS. Respond faster to leaks and main breaks by leveraging real-time analytics.

Integrated GIS

Manage Conservation through Reporting

Configure Esri maps, dashboards, and reporting tools, so you can defend and document your utility’s strategic efforts to curb water loss.