GIS for Banking

Rapid development of science, information and technology has enhanced decision for businesses based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS provide banks with the necessary tools to achieve sustainable growth in its operations. GIS plays an important role in banking industry by improving decision making and providing strategic support for alternative payments systems, mobile banking, and new services such as deposits with mobile phones or ATM’s.

Here, we discuss the use of ArcGIS Platform that banks may use to understand their data better; carry out analysis on its own customer information files and provide management the ability to quickly identify, visualise, and analyse key factors influencing the performance of individual branches.


Benefits of Using GIS for banking

1..Pinpoint the location of all home and business customers and their transactions.

2..Develop a range of new, highly tailored products that are closely tied to consumer and business demographics.

3..Identify staffing skills and training needs for each branch.

4..Identify the branches that are not meeting market potential and decide whether to close, relocate, remodel/renovate them.

5..Find key factors that strongly influence the use of its ATMs and branches.

6..Realize the needs to optimize its own network, grow customer wallet share, and deliver improved products and services.

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Bank Viewer is a demo application designed for banking institutions to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of GIS using Esri’s ArcGIS online.

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