Job Description

We are looking for General Managers to join our team. Managers would be responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the office, managing the performance of unit heads, and ensuring that the day-to-day operations of the business is geared towards the strategic objectives set out in the firm’ strategy map.

Job Type

Full Time


Managing stakeholders & Key partners

  • Represent Sambus Geospatial and manage relationships with all OEM (manufacturers) – Esri Inc., L3Harris, Trimble Geospatial, Wingtra.
  • Strategize with and manage all critical Business Partners in the country and supervise BDM relationship with Business Partners and Resellers.
  • Hold monthly update meetings Global Partners.


Undertake Document processing and approvals

  • Solely approve all pricing of products that go out to customers (with room to give up to a 5% discount).


Generating Regular Performance and Operational reports

  • Work with the accountant monthly to submit reports on the financial performance of the company (Income Statement & expenditure).


Developing Performance Growth Strategies

  • Work with the Sales department to ensure that the set target for the month/quarter/year is achieved and exceeded.
  • Develop business strategies and marketing initiatives that boost/improve the pipeline of the business.
  • Supervise all departments through the unit heads to ensure that all departmental tasks and objectives are carried out effectively.
  • Meet with team leads to develop and discuss the monthly/annual objectives and examine actual performance. Ensure each department is functioning efficiently and profitably.
  • Ensure the company is profitable at 45%.
  • Analyze the business operations, compare them to targeted objectives and ensure that measures are taken to correct unsatisfactory outcomes.


Strategic Management

  • Lead the entire office through the team leaders, meet with team leads weekly and ensure departments hold regular internal meetings and ensure team leads turn in their weekly reports at the end of each week.
  • Analyze the business operations, compare them to targeted objectives and ensure that measures are taken to correct unsatisfactory outcomes.
  • Maintain an efficient communication system throughout the entire business operation (internally and externally), create efficient internal communications.
  • Plan business operation for the coming year. Sit with staff to strategize on the new year and set targets.
  • Recruit, retain and terminate employees and employment contracts (with discretion), with the HR personnel. (HR S/O)
  • Analyze all training needs for professional skills and competencies. Monitor and implement relevant capacity building for the team. (HR, Team heads S/0)
  • Oversee all staff incentives, remuneration programs and staff policies.

Application Deadline

May 15, 2023


General Manager Requirements:

  • Good knowledge of different business functions.
  • Strong leadership qualities.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Highly organized.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Computer literate
  • Proactive nature.

Vacant Offices


About Sambus Geospatial

Sambus Geospatial  is a Geographic Information System (GIS) and mapping company in Ghana. We are the sole distributor of ESRI, ENVI, Trimble and WINGTRA Drones with exclusive representation in Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Gabon, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, and Liberia.

We develop applications that integrates technologies and provide a range of geospatial solutions and provide sales, innovation, consultancy, and training in the use of mapping and spatial analytics software for desktop, software as a service (SaaS), and enterprise applications. These products deliver location intelligence and meet digital transformation needs for organizations. and individuals

Sambus Geospatial has gained substantial experience in the development and implementation of socio-economic and environmental related projects and methodologies using GIS. Many sectors in Ghana and the West African sub-region have benefited immensely from our expertise and technologies through ESRI GIS software installation, project support and capacity building, with the most complete GIS platform – ArcGIS for Mapping, data management, planning and analysis, workforce optimization, and operational awareness and a robust organizational structure

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