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GIS for Agriculture

Geospatial Solutions are playing a major role in the agricultural sector, creating a more sustainable industry, and aiding in the progressive actions to achieve the goals set for the future generation. Read full Article
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GIS for Agriculture

Agriculture has been the driving force of development and growth of many civilizations and economies. It is often referred to as the science of cultivating plants and rearing of livestock. Over time, industrial agriculture has revolutionized and as part of that change the sector has adopted more efficient and productive methods in cultivation and animal husbandry.

Combating Crime in Nigeria using GIS

The #ENDSARS protest in Nigeria began as a demand for Justice but escalated into a nationwide if not a global concern. The youth claimed that officers responsible for some unlawful […]

GIS for Transportation

Port Assets Management with Location Intelligence Systems. Location plays a critical role in all transportation activities. The recent advances in GIS (geographic information system) technologies have resulted in the development […]

GIS for NGO’s

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a software framework for capturing, storing, analyzing, and displaying spatial data. It analyses spatial location and organizes layers of information into visualizations using maps or […]

ArcGIS for Utility Asset Management

Utilities all through the world are confronting unprecedented changes – from privatization of government- owned utilities, renewable energy down to rivalry for discounted and retail clients. In addition, mergers and […]

Location Intelligence in Oil & Gas

Many companies have embraced Digital Transformation in their decision-making processes today as smart technology and connected systems continue to prove how efficient they can be in everyday business operations. The […]

Lassa Fever Dashboard by SGNL

At this difficult time when most nations are engaging in fight against COVID-19, Lassa virus suspected cases has continued to rise significantly as a major health challenge in the West […]