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Rich Interactive Data Visualization Demos

Sambus Geospatial provides powerful tools for Spatial Analysts, Developers, Field Workers among other professionals to create map-based solutions across different industries. Our tools incorporate Real-time Collaborative Capabilities, Offline workflows, Monitoring and Evaluation tools and Demographic data to create rich interactive data visualizations  for decision making purposes.


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Interactive Demos

View different solutions developed for many industries

COVID 19 Response Tracker

COVID19 response consists of configurations of dashboards and mobile applications developed for tracking coronavirus cases around West Africa.

Industry: Health

Electrical Assets Management Demo

This solution demonstrates how The ArcGIS Platform can be used to coordinate electricity distribution operations effectively. It includes configurations of various items on ArcGIS Online.

Industry: Utilities

Pest/Disease Surveilance Demo

A demonstration to be presented to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development using visual dashboards and Survey 123 surveillance forms.

Industry: Agriculture

Operational dashboard for monitoring building collapse and road failure cases

Workers on the field go on inspection to record details of building collapses and road failure cases, the dashboard will help the research supervisors in the office to have an idea of what is happening on the site, track assigned tasks, workers, and make scientific deductions from the data collected.

Operational Dashboard for a Bank

The demo shows how banks can use ArcGIS Operations Dashboard to provide location-aware real-time data visualization for an operational view of bank facilities (Branches and ATM locations), mobile assets and customer distribution.

Industry: Banking

Operational dashboard and Story maps for Lassa Fever outbreak in Nigeria

This operational dashboard was designed using data from redacted versions of Lassa fever outbreak weekly reports provided by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control from January 2020 to date, it monitors the trend of confirmed cases and deaths across the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory.

Waste management mobile application and web app

This project demonstrates how ArcGIS Platform can be used for efficient waste management.

The mobile application was developed using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android; it is a handy tool for households to update the status of their waste bins.

GFSA Monitoring portal

Fire Monitoring Data makes use of location information, which includes charts, bars and query tools to help users analyze and manipulate demographic data, financial data, historical records of events as well as event records. These datasets aid in making predictions and making informed decisions.

Industry: Public Safety


An interactive app for to help planners and city authorities manage sanitation. See vantage garbage collection points with detailed information with waste management concentration distribution data in the displayed regions.

NADMO Disaster Dashboard

This Operational Dashboard is a designed to record real time data on disasters in Ghana. It makes use of charts, graphs and maps to show varied concentration of various indicators for analytical purposes.

Industry: Public Safety

Live Traffic Monitoring Demo

A dashboard for real-time traffic monitoring.  It has support for displaying reported issues by road users for the concerned bodies to make quick decisions. There is a live traffic data displayed for some locations as well, sadly the traffic data does not have global coverage.

Industry: Transportation

Voltic Distributors Dashboard

Developing a commercial solution by using retail analysts with a collection of maps and apps to understand market characteristics and the performance of all vendors in within specific regions.

Industry: Manufacturing

Site Status and Inspection Dashboard

The site status and inspection dashboard enables supervisors to collect information and data from field workers in near real-time. Field workers fill the survey form for the existing tower or new tower location and it’s associated information.

Industry: Telecommunication

SSNIT Real Estate WebApp

A real estate database designed to visualize basic information about commercial real estate sites such as property type, land use, and square footage. The Web App also makes use of demographic data to help SSNIT better understand the factors influencing the distribution of properties across the Ghana.

Industry: Real Estate

IDS Monitoring Platform

A location intelligence demonstration developed to monitor all the offices of the Information Services Department in Ghana. This monitoring and evaluation demonstration explores possible datasets required to keep track of the performance of all units or features included in the map for decision making purposes

Industry: Local Government