The ArcGIS Book

10 Big Ideas about Applying Geography to Your World

Explore ten “big ideas” that encapsulate the technological and social trends that have pushed geographic information systems (GIS) onto the Internet in a significant way. See how to apply these ideas to your own world. Open your eyes to what is now possible with Web GIS, and put the technology and deep data resources in your hands via the Quickstarts and Learn ArcGIS lessons that are included in each chapter.

The 10 Chapters of the ArcGIS Books Details Maps, Web and the You!

Chapter 01

  • Maps, the Web and You
  • Power and possibility with Web GIS

Chapter 02

  • Cartography is for everyone
  • New way to make, see and use maps

Chapter 03

  • Tell your story using a map
  • Inform,engage, and inspire people with story maps

Chapter 04

  • Great Maps need great data
  • Creating and using authoritative geographic data

Chapter 05

  • Importance of Where
  • How spatial analysis leads to insight

Chapter 06

  • Mapping the third Dimension
  • A change in perspective

Chapter 07

  • The Power of Apps
  • Focused tool that get work done

Chapter 08

  • Your GIS is Mobile
  • The GIS of the whole world plus a life data sensor in your pocket

Chapter 09

  • Real time Dashboards
  • Integrating live data feeds for managing operations

Chapter 10

  • GIS is Socail
  • Web GIS is the GIS of the World



The ArcGIS Book: 10 Big Ideas About Applying Geography to Your World

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This book helps you understand and use Web GIS, a powerful mapping technology that is transforming the way we apply and share geographic information. Each “big idea” is part of the ArcGIS platform and it’s big because it empowers you, enabling you to do new things and to accomplish familiar tasks more quickly and with ease.
This is a hands-on book that you work with as much as read. By the end, using Learn ArcGIS lessons, you’ll be able to say you made a story map, conducted geographic analysis, edited geographic data, worked in a 3D web scene, built a 3D model of Venice, and more.
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Christian Harder is a writer at Esri and author of Understanding GIS: An ArcGIS Project Workbook Esri Press, 2013, as well as number of other books on GIS. Harder is also the founder and former manager of Esri Press.

ISBN: 9781589484498    2015   152 pages