Webinar: SARscape 5.2 Easily read, process, and output your SAR

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15 October
14:30pm GMT (London time)
15:30pm CET (Paris,
Milan, Munich time)
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Join us for this special webinar on the release of SARscape 5.2.Hosted by Harris and presented by Paolo Pasquali, co-founding owner, President and Technical Director of Sarmap, this webinar will reveal the new features of SARscape 5.2, illustrated through examples based on the data obtained from Sentinel-1, PALSAR-2 and other SAR sensors, and concerning their exploitation for different applications.



Register now and secure your chance to hear more from Paolo. With a MSc and PhD
in Electronic Engineering, both at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Paolo has expertise in SAR, interferometry, polarimetry, signal processing, and land