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Sambus Geospatial, formerly the GIS/GPS Division of Sambus Company Limited (SCL hereafter) is an applications development firm that integrates technologies and provides a range of geospatial solutions. Our history started over 33 years ago when the late Mr Samuel Aboah founded SCL. Mr. Aboah, who was friends with the legendary founder of ESRI Jack Dangermond, witnessed first-hand the contributions computer-based mapping and analysis made to geographic planning and environmental science in the USA and decided to introduce the technology in Ghana. Sambus is a shortened form of Samuel’s (i.e. Sam) business (i.e. bus), and the company has come a long way since its inception as Sam’s vision, and legacy lives on. The founding of SGL was an uphill climb, and as is often the case for visionaries who take the untrodden path, Mr. Aboah did not have it easy in starting-up. Before SGL, he started off selling personal computers to  Makola women after he resigned from his job at Mobil. It was his philosophy never to stock and sell but rather sell first and deliver to the client; a philosophy still pervasive in several aspects of our current operations. Such an innovative approach to selling computers at the time was not straightforward, but he persevered. Expanding business to include geospatial solutions was even harder, but he never gave up.

A crucial turning point in the fate of the business was when Mr. Aboah teamed up with some trusted business associates of his who became partners in the business. The partners joined hands with Mr. Aboah to team up and do things bigger and better. The bigger the dream, the more critical it is to have a reliable and competent team. The partnership formed between Mr. Aboah and his founding partners—Mr. Kwame Gyeke Amoako and Mr. Samuel Larbi Darko— marked a turnaround for the business. Mr. Amoako supplied computer science expertise while Mr. Darko’s surveyor and GIS expertise perfected the team for its quest. This partnership made the team formidable and gave SGL the secure foundation it needed to build further; however, it was still not easy, regardless. The first five years after expanding operations to include geospatial products (mainly ESRI franchise at the time), Mr. Aboah and his partners barely made any sales, and the business tethered on the brink of collapsing. This meant they had to pivot the business operations and invest their life savings in standing a chance of survival. All the partners had then, as Mr. Aboah would often recount, was their faith and optimism that GIS technology is the future, and the sacrifices would be worth it in the long term. How right they were! Fast forward to the future and from the humble beginnings of Sambus operating only in Ghana, the company has come far and urged on by the vision of its founding partners. It is now the distributor of ESRI, ENVI, Trimble, and Wingtra with representation in Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Gabon, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Our founder’s vision and the hard work of the founding partners made Sambus an industry leader in the Ghana market. Now, our founder’s successors are resolved to deepen the company’s presence in the West African market and establish Sambus as an industry leader.

We want to move Sambus Geospatial from good to great and build a legacy that will last; One that will make our founding partners proud!

Mr. Samuel Kenneth, Aboah

Founder of Sambus Geospatial

Core Values

TRUST (T): Every business transaction is implicitly a relationship of trust as parties to any transaction have the assurance that they will receive value from the engagement. Trust is the starting point for Sambus with confidence in our staff to deliver value to our stakeholders as we trust that our stakeholders will do the same.

SERVICE (S): Sambus does not just sell, we serve. We serve our clients and stakeholders and support them in reaching their objectives. There is an intrinsic reward in being of service to another, and we live by that at Sambus. We want all our stakeholders, from staff to business partners and clients to remain loyal to the Sambus brand, and it is through quality service that we achieve that.

INTEGRITY (I): Integrity and honesty go side by side, and as a company that embraces openness, we uphold integrity and being morally upright in all our operations and business transactions.

RESPECT (R): Organizations are made of people, and every person is unique and special regardless of their rank and status in life. Respect for people is an integral part of the Sambus culture and it is our hope that this is reciprocated by all our stakeholders.

HONESTY (H): Honesty and transparency in dealings and transactions are what we stand by and expect from all stakeholders.

COMMITMENT (C): An unwavering commitment to delivering added value to our stakeholders and being innovative about the provision of solutions to clients. All our stakeholders are expected to reciprocate the same commitment offered them.


To be the preferred geospatial innovator in West Africa


To become a distinguished organization in the application and advancement of geospatial knowledge and technology for effective planning, operations and enhanced decision making in West Africa


To work closely with individuals and businesses to design, develop and deliver a fully customized solution for their programs and projects


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