Our Team

A compelling urge to empower the needs of clients

Our team are professional Engineers, GIS Application Experts and Data Analyst who are very well trained to deliver quality and oriented on results. We believe that we have the team, qualified staff and technologies and capacity to deliver results that provide scientific results for clients.

Esri Authorised Instructors

Our GIS training is led and supported by resident Esri Authorised Instructors who demonstrate excellent Facilitations Skills and deep knowledge in their lessons.

Quantity Surveyors

Quantity Surveyors are well versed in the Land Information and other elements of property developments and costing.

Geomatic Engineers

Trimble instructors are Geomatic Engineers with vast experience in Land, Cadastral and Engineering Surveys. They have also undergone several trainings by Trimble Navigations Systems Limited in USA and Germany.

Program Solutions Developers

Program Solutions Developers research, advice, design and implement solutions to meet client’s needs and help them update developed solutions based on their current and future needs.

Each member of our team operate with a compelling urge to empower the needs of clients by using state-of-the-art geographic standards, technologies and tools. This makes Sambus Geospatial the preferred mapping and geospatial solutions provider in West Africa.