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A compelling urge to empower the needs of clients

Our team consist of Professional GIS Application Experts, Geomatics Engineers Developers, UAV Professionals  and  Data Analyst who are very adept in the use of geospatial tools and systems to deliver  excellent results. We are measured on quality, innovation and our long term relationships as we believe that we have the qualified staff, technologies and capacity to deliver end-to-end solutions to client’s specific needs.

Our Team is made up of...

GIS & Data Analysts
Geomatics Engineers
Solution Developers
UAV Professionals
Project Managers
Legal Experts
GIS & Data Analysts

Our team consist of certified GIS and Data analysts who demonstrate excellent Facilitations Skills and deep knowledge in utilizing and analyzing spatial data.

Solutions Developers

Program Solutions Developers research, advice, design and implement solutions to meet client’s needs and help them update developed solutions based on their current and future needs.

Project Managers

Our project managers handle all planning, organizing of all internal and external projects Sambus Geospatial undertakes, making sure these projects are executed accordingly.

Geomatic Engineers

We have Geomatics Engineers with vast experience in Land, Cadastral and Engineering Surveying, coupled with exceptional skills in using Location and Navigation Systems.

UAV Professionals

Extract high-quality aerial photographs, videos, and vast amounts of imagery data under the consultation of our certified UAV professionals for optimum productivity.

Legal Experts

We are well known to have excellent and innovative legal team with in-depth knowledge in various areas of the law, and practice by following a pragmatic approach in managing all corporate affairs.

Sambus Geospatial Corporate Office

Meet the highest decision making body of Sambus Geospatial

Sambus Geospatial Ghana Team

Sambus Geospatial Ghana has a vibrant team of professionals with specialized expertise various roles.

Sambus Geospatial Nigeria Team

Sambus Geospatial Nigeria has a vibrant team of professionals with specialized expertise various roles.

Career Prospects

Each member of our team operates with a compelling urge to empower the needs of clients by using state-of-the-art geographic standards, technologies and tools designed for different industries.

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