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Product Cost and Discounts

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Why is the product so expensive? What are the discounts?

We have the powerful and cost-effective industry standard geographic information system (GIS) products on the Market. It is the essential for GIS professionals to have access to the full package of the tools they need as we assure them about getting precisely what their money is worth.

Discounts are usually discussed during the closing process and also promotions are run regularly to inform the public about current discount packages for our products.

We have a limited budget, so how can you help us?

Sambus remains open to discussions with customers in order find a tailored solution for your organisation. Discussions topic cover different segments from understanding your needs as an individual or an organization, to our recommended solutions and more importantly cost negotiations and payment methods.

Can we propose our payment terms with Sambus?

Clients are open to share their terms of payment methods during the negotiation process.

Product Mantenance

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Is there a maintenance fee I have to pay?

Yes, our perpetual software products come with 12 months (one year) of complimentary maintenance, to grant you access to the full capabilities of our products

What are the maintenance terms and fees?

The maintenance fee is paid annually depending on the software or product in question and our users renew their maintenance through Esri’s customer care site.

What is the ESRI Maintenance Program?

The world’s leading businesses, governments, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) alike rely on Esri technology to analyse data and gain insights for critical decision-making. The Esri Maintenance Program makes it easy to stay current on the latest geospatial innovations with access to award-winning support, unlimited training, community resources, and more. Visit the link to learn more about the maintenance program :

Which ArcGIS software products qualify for maintenance?

All ArcGIS products that undergo constant innovations and updates comes with a perpetual license, which must be renewed on an annual basis.

Why Maintain your ArcGIS software?

To stay current on the latest updates, it is advisable to be part of the maintenance program to get the most of your GIS investment. You would be entitled to a world class technical support to help you resolve all your problems, you would become part of an impactful global network or community of GIS users who create data driven solutions, you would also have access to e-learning resources, a rich cloud content and services as well as a comprehensive capability testing events for all newly released versions of ArcGIS Products. Click the link to Learn more about the benefits of Esri’s maintenance program:

How long do I have to pay for maintenance?

Successful users leverage maintenance as it can help you solve complex problems, improve processes, and create business that drives innovation. Your options become limitless as you amplify the impact you make in your industry of expertise with geospatial technology hence it becomes advisable to benefit from this program for as you can.

Value Proposition and Product Viability

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How will this software help my business? How can your product solve our current issue?

The solutions we provide cover a wide range of industries and we have the perfect solutions to help you make data driven decisions to take your business to the next level. In order to learn more about our solutions, please contact our sales representative by sending an email to . There you would be connected to a sales executive to help you with any information you need.

What other company has this software helped and how did help them? Do you have any evidence to prove it?

Our clients across several industries with the West African Region as the solutions we have rendered also differs from one industry to another using different software and hardware product. Visit our solutions page for more details or Please contact our sales representative via  for more information.

Solutions Page:

How can the system be used to increase our revenues?

The main purpose of our solutions is to help you make data driven decisions which can potentially generate more revenue for your organization. Learn more about how your industry can benefit from us by contacting our sales representative through email  on .

Alternative Products/Software

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I have an open-source/cracked version which works just fine, so why should I stop using it and pay for your product?

The ArcGIS platform in its entirety offers more value for money. We encourage users to choose a hybrid model, a combination of open source and closed source technology, based on their needs. Our products designed and engineered with interoperability and extensibility in mind and conforms to the open standards and specifications that are necessary to implement enterprise systems. Users can incorporate GIS in any application on a variety of desktop, server, and mobile platforms and use geographic information stored in almost any format, accessed from a variety of databases, or delivered as a web service.

Please contact a sales representative by sending an email to for more information.

How long does the subscription last?

Currently, no subscriptions are available on Sambus Geospatial platforms.

After Sales Support

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After purchasing the product, what after-sales support services do we get?

We grant our users two main aftersales services at no cost. Installation assistance, technical challenges assistance. We also grant them an introductory training when required.

Do we have to pay for after-sales support services?

After-sales support services are free once the software is purchased and is available when maintenance is renewed hence our clients the best technical support from professional solution engineers, developers and GIS analysts from Sambus Geospatial at absolutely no cost.

General Questions

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How about getting data? After I buy how do I approach getting data, and how can Sambus help me?

The sales cycle is riddled with objections and questions from leads and prospects. One must thus have an awareness of these FAQs and have robust answers available at one’s fingertips. The answer to an FAQ could be the difference in closing or losing a sale.

I have no expert knowledge on what you are selling me, so how can I be sure it will work?

Training sessions can be designed for you at a fee. These sessions will be interactive and aim to solve whatever industry problem you are facing. We also have ready made demonstrations, developed in-house, cutting across several industries that can aid in learning about what the software can do for you and your industry.

We have no in-house GIS expert, so why should we buy your product?

We offer consultancy services and a top-notch technical support services to help your organization to fully utilize our products even if there are no in-house GIS experts. Sambus Geospatial also organizes an interactive training sessions to help equip any your staff with the necessary skills to fully utilize our products to benefit your organization.

Learn more about our services by contacting our sales representative via or visit for more information

Real-time data and remote sensing, what is the difference between the two?

The basic explanation of real-time data is that it is data that is not kept or stored, but is passed along to the end user as quickly hence the art of presenting as soon as it is acquired whereas Remote sensors collect data by detecting the energy that is reflected from Earth. These sensors can be on satellites or mounted on aircraft.

If I buy the system, will it always update itself with real-time data?/Real-time: A myth or reality?

All forms of updates are done manually by our users and it is recommended as the updates allows the user to have access to the latest developments of the software and services rendered by our support staff.

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