Abuja Office

Samuel Andrew Tokpaf

Acting General Manager - Abuja, Nigeria

Acting General Manager

Samuel Andrew Tokpaf is the Acting GM at Sambus Geospatial Nigeria Limited, specializing in the geospatial industry. His primary role involves identifying business geospatial needs, delivering impactful presentations, and utilizing ArcGIS tools. Samuel’s leadership in the sales department consistently achieves significant milestones. He possesses expertise in Advanced Excel, Power BI, SQL, Product Management, Trello, and Scrum, combining these skills for GIS analysis and project management. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Planning, he has certifications in Product Management and Scrum Master. Samuel’s internship experience enhanced his analytical skills, making him well-suited to drive success and impact in geospatial analysis.

Edmond - Sambus

Edmond Sunabiji Waziri

Business Development Lead - Abuja, Nigeria

Business Development Lead

Edmond Sunabiji Waziri is currently serving as the Acting Business Development Lead at Sambus Geospatial Nigeria. He is an enthusiastic GIS Analyst dedicated to unlocking his full potential in the field. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Gombe State University and a Master’s degree in GIS from Bayero University Kano. He has further certifications in Google Earth Engine, Programming, Digital Marketing, Microsoft Office Suite, and computer hardware. With a strong background in GIS and Remote Sensing, Edmond specializes in Flood Modeling and Assessment, Environmental Assessment, and Natural Resources Management. He also has a keen interest in programming and computer hardware.

Kosisochukwu Ekesena

Human Resources Lead - Abuja, Nigeria

Human Resources Lead

Kosisochukwu Ekesena is the Human Resources Lead for Sambus Geospatial Nigeria. A strategic HR personnel who translates business visions into HR initiatives that improve performance, human capital management, and employee engagement. She is a graduate of Business Management from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Nasarawa State University Keffi. She has over 12 years of industry experience in the areas of Client Relationship Management, Human Resources Management, and Office Administration.

Bamidele Clement Oke

Technical Support and Professional Services Lead - Abuja, Nigeria

Technical Support and Professional Services Lead

Bamidele is an Esri Certified Analyst that helps GIS users find effective and innovative solutions to spatial problems. He has experience working for government and private organizations, applying different aspects of geospatial technology ranging from remote sensing and GIS to software development. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Remote Sensing and GIS from the Federal University of Technology, Akure. He is currently managing the GIS/Technical team at Sambus Geospatial Nigeria, focusing on geo-solutions, demonstrations, and professional services. He is a member of the Spatial Data Science Society of Nigeria and Esri GIS Manager’s Group.

Elijah Sanity Enemona

Acting Technical Sales Lead - Abuja, Nigeria

Acting Technical Sales Lead

Sanity Elijah Enemona is an optimistic and enthusiastic sales professional with over four (4) years of experience as a technical sales specialist in geospatial technology and providing solutions. He has experience working for both government and private organizations applying different aspects of geospatial technology ranging from remote sensing and GIS. He is skilled at developing the right action plan for each of his client’s unique needs and is committed to helping them choose the best product, and provide solutions and value from the use of the product. Throughout his career at Sambus, Elijah has earned the trust of several of his clients and maintained strong client relationships that generate repeat business. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Planning from the University of Jos and a Master’s in View on Environmental Resources Management at the University of Abuja. He is currently the Acting Team Lead for Technical Sales at Sambus Geospatial Nigeria.

Lagos Office

Louis Iwegbuna

Regional Manager - Lagos, Nigeria

Regional Manager – Lagos, Nigeria 

Louis Iwegbuna is an accomplished Sales, Strategy, and Business Development professional with a proven track record in competitive environments. He excels in driving growth, reducing costs, and solving complex business challenges. Louis is passionate about fostering digital technology for a better future, specializing in the education, training, and technological industry. He is customer-focused and has a strong ability to exceed expectations. With experience in presales, sales, and aftersales, he is a quick learner and adept at adapting to changing scenarios. Louis is committed to building outstanding relationships and maximizing revenue growth. His expertise spans various industries, including energy, IT, telecommunications, construction, manufacturing, financial services, and oil and gas.

Annabel - Sambus

Ijeoma Annabel Ozonga

Finance & Operations Lead - Lagos, Nigeria

Finance & Operations Lead – Lagos, Nigeria 

Ijeoma Annabel Ozonga is the Finance and Operations Lead at Sambus Geospatial Nigeria, assuming this role in 2020. With a strong background in economics and office technology, she adeptly manages financial operations and internal processes. Ijeoma holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, complemented by a National Diploma in Office Technology. She is also certified in QuickBooks International Online, showcasing her proficiency in financial management software.

Benedict Obinna Mberede

Acting Technical Support and Professional Services Lead - Lagos Nigeria

Acting Technical & Professional Services Lead – Lagos, Nigeria

Benedict Obinna Mberede, based in Nigeria, is a dedicated geospatial professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Surveying and Geoinformatics. Benedict is well-versed in geographic information systems (GIS), database management, and web GIS, with a particular interest in enterprise administration. He excels in various geospatial tasks, including high-end workflow integration, data analysis, and web database management, serving diverse industries. He also contributes to industry-focused research and publications. Benedict is an active participant in conferences and webinars, continuously expanding his skills in the geospatial field.

Sambus Geospatial Nigeria GITHUB

Sambus Geospatial Nigeria’s Github is an open source platform for developers to learm and access source codes for projects within the geospatial domain. Learn how ArcGIS SDK as well as REST APIs can be used in specific software development projects on ArcGIS Online

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