Our Career Objectives

Sambus works closely with individuals and businesses to design, develop, and deliver fully customized solutions for their businesses and projects


Build the best applications and solutions for client satisfaction. To develop and provide industry driven apps and geospatial solutions


Deliver on client requests beyond expectations by implementing and providing technical support for their operation and business needs

How We Serve

Sambus does not just sell, we serve. We serve our clients and stakeholders and support them in reaching their objectives. There is an intrinsic reward in being of service to another, and we live by that at Sambus. We want all our stakeholders, from staff to business partners and clients to remain loyal to the Sambus brand, and it is through quality service that we achieve that.
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How we Support

We support decision makers in solving everyday questions by providing Hardware that integrate geospatial solutions such as geographic information systems (GIS), GNSS/GPS systems and Image processing workflows

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Sambus Geospatial prioritizes in the delivery of end - to -end Information Technology Solutions to meet client's specific needs. We’re measured on quality services and innovation as we also focus on building long term relationships with clients. Join our team as we continue to grow and expand our vision.
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