ENVI SARscape® allows users to read, process, and output Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data into meaningful, contextual information. SAR data allows you to generate two or three-dimensional products of the Earth’s surface.

SAR data can be used to analyse an area of interest during the day or night, regardless of weather conditions and can also help you detect change and study the topography of a specific area.

ENVI SARscape’s unique processing tools allow you to:

  1. Transform raw SAR data into a single image or temporal images for further analysis
  2. Create Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and land displacement maps to understand the topography of an area and track any land shifts or movement in structures that may have occurred
  3. Work with commercially available polarimetric data.

ENVI SARscape includes a set of processing tools to help you transform raw SAR data into an easy-to-interpret image for further analysis.

ENVI SARscape processing tools are designed to work with a single image or a time series of images. This puts the data in an image format that allows you to derive useful information from it, such as extracting features of interest like buildings, or examining crop growth over a growing season.

The newest release of SARscape – version 5.1 – makes it even easier to extract accurate and advanced information from SAR data. Read more on Envi SARscape

  1. SAR Processing
  2. SAR Image Analysis
  3. DEMs and Displacement Maps
  4. SAR Interferometry