Sambus Geospatial Nigeria Presents Food Relief Items to Internally Displaced Persons- IDP Camp in Abuja

Sambus Geospatial Nigeria visits Internally Displaced Persons Camp- IDP for a charity donation to support people affected by the insecurity crisis in the nation. This was done to commemorate World Humanitarian Day on Thursday 19th of August 2021. Humanitarian Day is an international day mapped out to honor humanitarian personnel and those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian causes. It is marked each year to support the cause of humanitarian activities.

Sambus Geospatial Nigeria Limited in light of this visited the IDP Camp located at Durumi in Abuja with food relief items to support the livelihood of the displaced person living in the camp.

Durumi IDP Camp began in 2014 after an attack on the villages in northeast Nigeria by a terrorist group Boko Haram. The camp accommodates nearly 2000 people who have fled from their hometowns into the city.

The camp chairman Mr. Ibahim received the donated items presented by Precious Chinwe Aniekwena the communications and CSR officer on behalf of Sambus Nigeria.

Others present were a few of the camp occupants and the members of the Sambus Nigeria team Olumide Ogungbemi from the research team, Obinna Mberede and Samuel Andrew Tokpaf from the technical sales team who were present to support the children through educating them on relevant subjects.

The camp chairman Mr. Ibahim expressed his appreciation stating that the camp has survived this far through such charity donations and sacrifices and hoped that things would get better for the nation. He thanked the Sambus team for their act of kindness.