Sambus Geospatial

On the 19th of February 2023, Sambus Geospatial Limited (SGL) paid a visit to the Village of Hope (Children’s Community) in Gomoa Fetteh, Ghana, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The visit came at a significant time as the Village of Hope was preparing to celebrate its 27th anniversary.

The Village of Hope started as an orphanage and has since expanded to include a basic school, senior high school, hospital, and training center. The organization has helped empower 70 wards who are now independent adults and 56 wards in tertiary institutions. This achievement has been made possible through the support of philanthropists and benefactors who have recognized the organization’s good work.

Sambus Geospatial

As a company that leverages GIS expertise to add value to various organizations, SGL understands the importance of supporting good causes in our communities. The company’s General Manager, Mathias Abgozo, in a statement during the visit, reiterated SGL’s commitment to helping communities and not just doing business.

During the visit, SGL provided various items such as food, clothing, and educational materials to support the children’s development. Our General Manager encouraged the children, stating that “the sky is your limit” and assured them of SGL’s continued support for the Village of Hope organization.

SGL hopes that our visit will inspire others to support similar initiatives that help empower less privileged children and communities.

Sambus Geospatial Limited remains committed to using our expertise to add value to organizations while also making a positive impact in the communities we operate in through our CSR initiatives.