Université Privée Virtuelle Du Gabon Limitée (Virtual Private University Of Gabon Limited) Partners with Sambus Geospatial as a new Reseller in Gabon

Accra, July. 5, 2022 — Announcing the start of a new relationship between Sambus Geospatial and Université Privée Virtuelle du Gabon Limitée (Virtual Private University of Gabon Limited | UNIVGA) with the latter being a reseller for Sambus Geospatial.

Université Privée Virtuelle Du Gabon Limitée (UNIVGA) is the first distance tertiary education institution in Gabon. UNIVGA is an international university that brings together students and teachers from several countries. The institution was established to allow people with mobility constraints to be able to access higher education training remotely, with online learning resources and tools. Our philosophy is that everyone has the right to education to improve their lives, advance their careers and achieve the desired level of personal success.

Partnering with Sambus Geospatial is a strategic way to reach out to the Geospatial Market in Gabon, to build sustainable solutions for different industries with integrated geo-solutions. The institution also plans to work together with Sambus Geospatial to integrate GIS into their curriculum, allowing industry professionals to learn and utilize geoinformation systems for local/academic projects.

About Sambus Geospatial

Sambus Geospatial is a Geographic Information System (GIS) and mapping company in Ghana. We are the sole distributor of ESRI, ENVI, Trimble and WINGTRA Drones with exclusive representation in Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Gabon, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, and Liberia. We develop applications that integrates technologies and provide a range of geospatial solutions and provide sales, innovation, consultancy, and training in the use of mapping and spatial analytics software for desktop, software as a service (SaaS), and enterprise applications. These products deliver location intelligence and meet digital transformation needs for organizations and individuals. Visit us at sambusgeospatial.com