What’s new in ArcGIS Insights 2023.3

ArcGIS Insights combines data visualization and analysis to accelerate decision-making. From interactive charts and maps to advanced analytics, Insights offers a wide array of capabilities to help you understand your data, answer important questions, and create interactive reports.

The Insights 2023.3 release (November 2023) includes a new filter widget, alluvial diagrams, and north arrows for maps. Keep reading to learn more about these new features so you can try them out the next time you use Insights.

Insights 2023.3 is currently available with Insights in ArcGIS Online. Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise and Insights desktop 2023.3 will be available soon.

Filter widget

A new filter widget has replaced the predefined filter widget. Filter widgets support all the configurations of predefined filters, plus additional configurations, and improved performance.

Filter widgets are ideal for allowing users to filter data on published reports.

Existing predefined filters can still be used in workbooks and reports but cannot be updated or configured. For best results, replace predefined filter widgets with a filter widget.

Create a filter widget

Alluvial diagrams

Alluvial diagrams are chart types that show the relationship between unique values in multiple fields. You can use alluvial diagrams to understand the magnitude of relationships between categories and how objects, people, or phenomena flow between them.

Alluvial diagram showing fruits and vegetables imported to the United States

North arrow

A north arrow can now be added to a map card. North arrows help orient maps that have been rotated.

Map with a north arrow

Other updates

  • Heat charts and data clocks now support manual classification
  • Additional fonts are now available for map labels