What’s new in ArcGIS QuickCapture (November 2023)

What’s new in ArcGIS QuickCapture

Here it comes, one more update before the end of the year!  Download ArcGIS QuickCapture version 1.18 into your mobile device and discover many new features, including:

  • Field calculations with Arcade
  • Better (more) button user inputs
  • Oriented imagery layer support
  • Other enhancements

About ArcGIS QuickCapture

ArcGIS QuickCapture is Esri’s rapid mobile data collection app. Configure it to enable field data collection through a simple big-button user experience. Collect lines, polygons and point observations; all at once and with the single tap of a button!

Not familiar with ArcGIS QuickCapture? Watch this 2-minute video for an overview:https://www.youtube.com/embed/tSpLw-EtMm0?rel=0

What’s new in November 2023

Arcade expression support

In the QuickCapture designer, you will now find a new Arcade editor. Use it to automatically calculate attributes using your Arcade expressions!   The animation below shows how to open the editor and a simple expression to perform a point-in-polygon calculation.

This image describes how to open the Arcade editor in the QuickCapture designer

End users of the mobile app will not even notice: Tap a button and QuickCapture will transparently run Arcade to enrich collected data. Is it working offline? No problem: Arcade will run against any data you collect while disconnected.

Learn with this step-by-step tutorial how to create your Arcade expressions in QuickCapture.  Read this Esri Community blog post to find a handful of common Arcade examples.

Better (more) user inputs

User inputs are a powerful feature in QuickCapture: Use them to let field users add extra attributes using dialogues specifically designed for fast data entry. The animation below shows an example where user inputs are shown to define an asset’s material, owner and condition.

This animation shows how the fast-paced data entry dialogs in QuickCapture make extra attribute data collection simple

What’s new? In the past, user inputs were limited to a maximum of three per button. Now you can configure up to ten!

You will also notice that with this release, the order in which button user inputs appear has changed. Before version 1.18, user inputs were presented following the order of fields in your feature layer. With version 1.18 and above, the order is defined by the author of the QuickCapture project.  For now, you will need to set the order of your user inputs by manually editing your QuickCapture’s project JSON. With our next update in early 2024, we plan to let you change the order visually, through the QuickCapture designer.

Oriented imagery layers

With ArcGIS QuickCapture you can easily collect terrestrial oriented imagery and take advantage of it in ArcGIS. Check the Oriented Imagery meets field data collection blog post if unfamiliar with this concept.

Oriented imagery is now getting more and more integrated within ArcGIS: ArcGIS Online recently added support for Oriented Imagery layers and the Map Viewer introduced an oriented imagery widget.

Use this update, to easily upgrade your existing oriented imagery catalogs into the new oriented imagery layer and leverage all your data from the new Map Viewer and ArcGIS Pro oriented imagery widgets.

This animation shows the new Map Viewer Oriented Imagery widget. Oriented Imagery can be collected with ArcGIS QuickCapture
Use the new Map Viewer Oriented Imagery capabilities to explore oriented imagery collected from ArcGIS QuickCapture