What’s new in ArcGIS Instant Apps of ArcGIS Online (February 2023)

ArcGIS Instant Apps

ArcGIS Instant Apps is a new generation of focused web mapping applications that provides a streamlined experience for building apps quickly and easily, with express or full setup modes available. The Instant Apps home page is searchable and contains various templates for new and updated apps, with badges on app cards that provide information about whether they are new, updated, or beta apps.

Insets is now fully released, providing a feature that displays noncontiguous geographic areas of interest within a single app. Users can utilize bookmarks, custom inset locations, or choose from predefined layouts for several countries such as United States.

The Interactive Legend feature now supports collapsing portions of long legends and features a new side panel style that docks the legend selector on either side of the map, providing users with more space to interact with the legend.

The Slider template allows users to configure multiple numeric sliders to play different data animations in the app. These animations can be driven by data found in separate layers or in unique fields in a single layer.

Atlas(Beta) With the release of the beta version, the Atlas Instant App is a group-based feature that empowers organizations to showcase a collection of curated maps and layers based on a point of interest, a geographic location, a theme, or a specific event. Users can explore and share the content, and some built-in tools such as location searching, 2D/3D switching, distance and area measurement, and sketch tools are available to enhance the user experience.

Public Notification is another beta feature that enables users to create a collection of features that can be exported to a CSV or PDF file. Users can search a location, draw an area of interest, or select existing features, and apply a buffer to expand the search area. The exported CSV file includes all attributes, while the PDF export includes information determined by the pop-up configuration, which can be crafted to support printing mailing labels or other information reports using any pop-up element and including Arcade expressions.

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