What’s new in Data Management of ArcGIS Online (February 2023)

Data management

Offline Use In ArcGIS Online, you have the option to choose a tile package item from your organization to be used as the basemap when configuring a web map for offline use. By selecting this advanced offline option, you can avoid the need to load the tile package to each device that will use the offline map, and there will be no need for ArcGIS Online to compress the map’s basemap into a tile package for offline use.

Improve query performance with indexes To optimize performance and improve slow queries in your hosted feature layer, you can define attribute indexes for certain fields. For example, you can add a full-text index to improve queries that search for words or phrases in string fields. You can learn more about adding indexes to attribute fields to enhance query performance.

Improve query performance with indexes for data mangement.

Improved sharing ArcGIS Online provides more detailed information to web map owners and organization administrators to help them troubleshoot problems with sharing settings configured for the map’s layers.

Sharing and collaboration

Your organization home page and all other pages have a navigation bar at the top with a series of tabs that you can configure. One of those is the Gallery tab. Organization administrators can configure what is displayed in Settings > Gallery > Show in gallery

You can also configure who sees the Gallery tab in Settings > General > Navigation bar > Manage navigation bar links:

With this update, a redesigned gallery page is introduced, providing a quick view of item details in a side panel. The gallery also allows viewers to filter by item type, status, categories, and more without needing to leave the gallery.

A best practice is to consider who will be able to view the Gallery tab of your organization, and configure it appropriately for the intended audience.         

Accounts and administration

The feature data storage status on the organization overview page has been improved to provide a quick view of its usage, with color-coding to indicate when the feature data storage limit is close to being reached. Additionally, a redesigned feature data storage chart is now available for organizations that use Premium Feature Data Store.

Item view count report Administrators can generate a new type of report in ArcGIS Online called “Item view count report” to export valuable information about traffic trends to specific items in their organization over time. This report is among others such as activity reports, credit reports, member reports, item reports, and service usage reports, and can assist administrators in understanding how their organization’s content is being used.

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