Launching the WingtraOne GEN II

After 6 years in development and 100’000 flights, Wingtra announces the launch of the most advanced VTOL drone yet— WingtraOne GEN II —with oblique payload integration and advanced reliability algorithms.

Pioneering the next generation of industrial drone reliability and versatility, the WingtraOne, GEN II is equipped with a number of new and sophisticated updates featuring;

  • Brand new OBLIQUE payload integration for finest 3D map quality
  • PPK integrated on every drone, including with multispectral payloads
  • Next level electronics infrastructure
  • Self-diagnosis, fail-safe algorithms and services for dependable operations
  • And much more…

Wingtra would be hosting a GEN II launch webinar on 17th of August: Motivate people to reserve their spot for a live event with their product manager Julian Surber. In this live session, he would take all participants on a tour of all the highlights and deep updates as well as answer questions in a live Q&A session.

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