ArcGIS Solutions for ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1

ArcGIS Solutions align with your business needs, transform your use of ArcGIS, and help you maximize the investment you are making in location-based data and technology.

Enterprise-ready solutions

Did you know that more than one hundred of our solutions are compatible with ArcGIS Enterprise? That means that a majority of our solutions—industry-specific ArcGIS configurations designed to address specific business needs—are ready to deploy within an organization’s own infrastructure.

Here’s what’s new:

Our list of Enterprise-ready solutions is getting longer! Hot off the press, we have eight more solutions ready to deploy on Enterprise 11.1. These new solutions include offerings for state and local governments, utilities, defence, and public safety agencies:

Active Transportation Outreach

Active Transportation Outreach can be used to inventory human-powered transportation facilities and promote transportation alternatives that improve the health and welfare of a community.

Promote transportation alternatives within the community

Crime Problem Management

Crime Problem Management can be used to plan, manage, and evaluate evidence-based responses to crime problems.

Review historical evaluations of agency responses to crime and disorder problems

Crime Reduction Statistics

Crime Reduction Statistics can be used to generate key statistics and reports, monitor crime trends, and modernize CompStat practices.

Map and monitor short and long term statistical trends and spikes in crime

Curb Regulation Management

Curb Regulation Management can be used to maintain an authoritative inventory of curb regulations and visualize how curbsides are being used.

Visualize and understand curb regulations

Gridded Reference Graphic

Gridded Reference Graphic can be used by special forces and conventional military organizations to coordinate real-world field operations. This solution uses a set of visual components including grids and markers representing entities to guide clearing operations.

Improve communication by marking structures and intersections with identifiers unique to a planned mission

Pre-Incident Planning

Pre-Incident Planning can be used to inventory fire pre-incident plans and understand hazards and risks that affect responding personnel and building occupants.

Organize pre-incident plans and manage routine site visits

Sign Management

Sign Management can be used to collect roadway signs and poles, streamline inspection and maintenance activities, and understand asset conditions.

Review sign collections and understand asset conditions

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals can be used to share progress made on the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, and their key indicators, with the public and other interested stakeholders.

Monitor SDG indicators and communicate progress

But wait, there’s more!

ArcGIS Solutions has released a full range of solution videos to the community. Check these videos out to learn more about dozens of our solutions and the key capabilities they offer.