What’s new in the developer guides (January 2024)

Over the last few months, we’ve released a number of new features for developers using hosted data services and the basemap styles service. To help take advantage of them, we’ve updated the Mapping APIs and location services guide. This article summarizes the key content updates that you should be aware of.

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Data hosting  

In November 2023, data hosting for ArcGIS Platform developers moved out of beta. This feature gives ArcGIS Platform developers the ability to create, manage, and access data (for their apps) by hosting data in ArcGIS. The main services you can create are feature services, vector tile services, and map tile services.

The key to using data services and maximizing performance in your applications is understanding how they work, how to manage them, and how to access them effectively.

To support this, here are some of the new and updated topics:  

New code examples

Query features with paging

const queryParams = {
  where: "1=1",
  outFields: Object.keys(appParams.outFields),
  orderByFields: ["FID asc"], // order by object id
  returnGeometry: true,
  num: appParams.returnCount, // resultRecordCount
  start: appParams.currentPage, // resultOffset

To get the code, go to Query features with paging.

Access a vector tile layer

const vectorLayer = new VectorTileLayer({
  id: "c4fc087b100542fe91df0b279df23ef9"
  opacity: 0.75,

To get the code, go to Display vector tiles.

Basemap places 

The basemap styles service provides styles that you can use in your applications as a basemap layer. Beyond styles, the service has additional capabilities such as the ability to display basemap places. Basemap places allow you to show or hide place locations directly in a basemap. The places are part of the style and represent business, services, landmarks, and other places of interest.

To use this feature, you need to reference the service URL directly and set the places parameter with values such as: all or attributed. To learn more, we created a new page in the Mapping APIs and location services guide that includes demos and code examples.

Note: This feature is currently in beta. If you want to provide feedback, go to the Early Adopter Program

At present, you can only use the following open-source libraries to access this capability:

The ArcGIS Maps SDKs will provide full support soon!

New code examples

Display all places 


To get the code, go to the example.

Display places with attributes

Attributes include place name, category, and place ID.


To get the code, go to the code example.

Note: If you want to return additional place information, you can also integrate basemap places with the service of the place to return attributes such as hours and user ratings. Check out our new tutorial in the MapLibre GL JS developer guide to learn how.  


Another new feature of the basemap styles service is the ability to display worldviews. Worldviews are borders and labels based on a specific view of a country. Worldviews are only available for some ArcGIS basemap styles. To use this feature, you need to reference the service URL directly and specify the worldview parameter to an enumerated value.

Note: This feature is currently in beta. If you want to provide feedback, go to the Early Adopter Program


To get the code, go to the Esri Leaflet sample or the OpenLayers and MapLibre GL JS examples.

We hope you find this update helpful!