Drone Mapping Applications Across Industries

Achieve quicker mapping time with WingtraOne’ s extraordinary set of features. These new features empower the user to decrease flight time while getting more work done in the process. These drone mapping functionalities may be useful in Surveying and GIS, Mining and Aggregates, Construction and infrastructure, Agriculture, Environmental Monitoring, among others.

Surveying and GIS

Surveyors and GIS professionals who leverage on Drone Technology tend to achieve faster working time at a lower cost. Leveraging drone technologies also grants them access to the most unreachable locations while guaranteeing the safety of the user. The fields of application may include Land Surveying, Cadastral map development, Land management & development, Urban Planning among others.

Mining and Aggregates

Use drones to improve your efficiency in mining and quarrying management. Drone mapping allows smooth monitoring of site state and workers safety while improving surveying methods without machinery disruption. Other monitoring workflows include Assessment before drilling or blasting, Road monitoring, Slope monitoring, Hazard identifications, et cetera

Construction and Infrastructure

Map out large unreachable areas with WingtraOne for pre-built evaluation purposes. Meet deadlines under low budgets while cutting down working time in return for maximum productivity today.


Multispectral imagery helps to provide accurate plant counts while identifying and analyzing farm health related issues faster. Capitalize on Wingtra Drones to Monitor plant health, Perform plant count, Optimize plant ROI and Assess losses after major weather event.

Environmental monitoring

Easily monitor and control population, Classify Areas, Analyze Volumes and Monitor land changes with commercial drones. This is essential in land use/land cover studies, wildlife monitoring among others.

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