What’s new in ArcGIS Field Maps (March 2022)

The newest updates on ArcGIS Field Maps evolve around work efficiency improvement for mobile workers and map authors. The updates come with new field workflows with support for linear systems. New partnership integrations for sensor-driven search of assets have also been developed with improvements in existing partner integrations for location capture. Lets dive into the details of the March Updates for ArcGIS Field Maps

The March Updates come with exciting new capabilities such as improvements in calculation of expressions, Forming Elements Design and Location Profiles & Offset Providers in the data capture workflow.

Empowering New Workflows

A new capability in ArcGIS Field Maps called the “Find Measure” feature, allows the user to discover measurement values within a linear reference system which is very useful in discovering and presenting the closest m-value perpendicular to the mobile workers’ current location. This allows users to access locations and marks them as a navigational aid or to collect a new features.

New Partner Integrations

Field Maps have been updated with a new feature type which allows you to filter partners based on categories. Just to mention a few, the categories may include;

  • Location Provider – integrate existing GNSS hardware and companion apps with Field Maps
  • Offset Provider – extend the data capture capabilities by offsetting location capture
  • Workflow Provider – remotely start Field Maps from a partnered application that can improve a workflow

The new feature for this update is called the Search Provider.

See a list of updates and quality improvements in the March release of ArcGIS Field Maps, by reading the What’s New topic on Esri’s documentation website.

More Information on ArcGIS Field Maps Update

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