What’s new on ArcGIS Instant Apps (June 2023)

What’s new on ArcGIS Instant Apps (June 2023)

ArcGIS Instant Apps is the next generation of focused web mapping applications, featuring a streamlined experience that lets you build apps quickly and easily using express or full setup modes. All Instant Apps templates can be found on the searchable Instant Apps home page.

The June 2023 ArcGIS Online update introduces new features and key updates throughout the site. The same applies for ArcGIS Instant Apps, as we have introduced many updates and new features to our existing apps, further improved choosing and managing your apps on the Instant Apps home page, and addressed various bugs and enhancements to help stabilize and improve your experience across the site.

Hover over the badges in the app cards to learn more about new, updated, or beta apps.

Public Notification

Public Notification is now out of beta and in general availability. Public Notification enables users to find and select features that can be exported to CSV or PDF file. Features can be selected by searching a location, drawing an area of interest, or using existing features. A buffer can be applied to expand the search area.

All attributes are included in the exported CSV file. For the PDF export, the pop-up configuration determines the information that is included. The information in the pop-up can be configured using any pop-up element and can include Arcade expressions. The pop-up can be crafted to support printing mailing labels or other information reports.

For a deeper dive and an example of using Public Notification, take a look at ArcGIS Instant Apps: Introducing Public Notification.

Introducing: Observer (Beta): Summarize attribute information from data in a scene using a dynamic scoreboard with Observer (Beta). This new web scene-based app allows you to include a basic set of scene exploration tools to help inspect locations and identify statistics that could be of interest to users.

Set up the Scoreboard summary in the app configuration on the Observer tab to display statistics about features in the scene. Use operators such as average, count, sum, maximum value, and minimum value on feature attributes that will update dynamically as the extent of the scene in the app changes.


Insets enables you to display noncontiguous geographic locations within a single app layout. You can choose from a list of predefined geographic layouts or customize the inset locations using bookmarks from the map or interactively placing custom insets. Additionally, you can apply theming and position the insets in the layout.

With this update, Insets includes more predefined layouts, the ability to control layer visibility, an option to include a scalebar, and responsive inset sizing.


Exhibit allows app authors to tell a linear, interactive story with a single map. App viewers can move through slides defined by the app author to gain new information about the map and its data. Toggle layer visibility and change the basemap per slide to present information in different ways. Apply filters to your layers and take advantage of sketch layer capabilities available in Map Viewer to highlight different elements of your data.

Exhibit has been improved with the ability to show the map title in the header and an option to include the legend in exported PDFs.

Atlas (Beta)

Atlas has evolved since it’s initial beta introduction with the February 2023 update. Atlas is a group-based Instant App that organizations can use to highlight a collection of curated maps and layers based on a point of interest, a geographic location, a theme, or a specific event.

Users can easily discover and explore the content, as well as share the maps they create. Some useful built-in tools to help users explore the map include searching locations, switching between 2D and 3D, measuring distance and area, and drawing on the map using sketch tools.

Atlas is an effective app that enables non-GIS users to make their own maps and explore your organization’s content.

Observer (Beta)

Observer is a new Instant App, introduced in beta, that is designed to provide users with the ability to explore the scene and learn more about the data. You can configure a scoreboard that will return statistics about features in the current visible extent. The template can also be configured with an optional basemap gallery and daylight tool.


Sidebar offers a range of tools for exploring, understanding, and managing data. A panel containing these tools displays alongside the map and includes data editing, feature filtering, pop-up information, bookmarks, layer list, and more. New with this release we have included support for viewing and editing related records and their attribute values directly in the app. To offer editing, enable the Edit tools setting in the app configuration. Click features in the map to access their popup information and click Edit to open the editing form in the side panel. Choose to modify attribute values from both the selected feature and its related records.

Other enhancements

ArcGIS Instant Apps has added general accessibility improvements. You can now add a text-based description of your map to support screen readers and have the option to enable a set of keyboard shortcuts in most app templates.