Sambus $90 Promotion

Sambus Geospatial Special Offer.

This promotion is organized by Sambus Geospatial Limited for ArcGIS and Non-ArcGIS Users. All interested participants in this promotion must carefully read and fully understand the benefits that comes with it.

Background: ArcGIS tools are essential for industrial use especially in realizing the advantage of location awareness. However, having a personal access to your GIS data-sets becomes a priority as users collect and manage data, create professional maps, perform more traditional and advanced spatial analysis for solving real issues in the society. Hence, ArcGIS Personal Single User licenses allows you to retain all rights to your data and also control who has access to it, as it is important for making informed decisions.

Duration: This promotion takes place from August 2019 to February 2020. Throughout the course of the PROMO, buyers would be taken through a special workshop from which they would be given access to all usable extensions that comes with ArcGIS.


Available through Sambus Managed Services, all buyers would enjoy a number of benefits after purchase so as to be able to use the software to handle all your geospatial  needs.  This campaign also serves as an opportunity for Non GIS users to get innovative by understanding and utilizing GIS systems, as they rely on geospatial skills for acquiring deeper insights into real world situations.


  • By taking advantage of this promotion, the average user gets a two(2) days free training form Sambus Geospatial certified GIS professionals. The training curriculum would be industry specific to suite the buyer’s needs for maximum productivity in his/her personal or organization’s daily operations.
  • The license also comes with access to all the single user extensions. This is very essential as it would allow the user to run analytics on phenomena in order to be able to truly understand whats happening , why its happening and deciding the best course of response to take into resolving the issue. These extensions include the 3D analyst, ArcGIS Data Inter-operability, ArcGIS Data Reviewer, ArcGIS Geo-statistical Analyst, ArcGIS Network Analyst, ArcGIS Publisher, ArcGIS Schematics, ArcGIS Workflows Manager, ArcGIS Tracking Analyst and ArcGIS Spatial Analyst.
  • Special Hands On Training for ready-to-use apps, on Android and IOS devices such as mobile phones, tablets or GPS devices. Data collection is essential in the use of GIS systems and as far as GIS understanding goes, great maps need great data. GIS on mobile devices has changed how people interact with smartphones. Smart-maps and local data sets can easily be accessed because the user is now in the position to leverage full GIS capabilities in the field with applications like Collector for ArcGIS, Survey 123 for ArcGIS, App Studio and most importantly, Operational Dashboards


Sambus Geospatial Limited operates from Monday to Friday during with working hours starting at GMT 8:00 am  to 4:30 pm. All contacts after this period would have to be rescheduled or the following day. To inquire more information about this promotion, call +233 (0) 302 777 127 | +234 (0) 817 812 9918 or reach out to us via email via


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