What’s New in ArcGIS Dashboards (June 2023) 

ArcGIS Dashboards enables users to convey information by presenting location-based analytics using intuitive and interactive data visualizations. Dashboards are used to help make decisions, visualize trends, monitor status in real time, and inform their communities. With this update, ArcGIS Dashboards includes several new capabilities and enhancements. 

Mobile dashboard views 

You can now configure a single dashboard to have two views in ArcGIS Dashboards. a desktop view and a mobile view. Each view is optimized for viewing on either a desktop or mobile devices. When a dashboard is opened, the optimized view loads. You can create a mobile view of your dashboard that includes the same elements as your desktop view, or new elements with different configurations. A dashboard’s mobile view is meant to complement the desktop view to provide information to users on the go. 

Map element 

Two new map options have been added for the map element. The Find my location option zooms and centres the map to the approximate location of the user’s device. Compass option displays the rotational angle of the map and allow users/viewers to easily reorient the map to point north. These new map options provide viewers with more intuitive and interactive map exploration. 

Simplified Map selection 

Wildfire dashboardMaking a selection on a map’s operational layer to initiate layer actions has been improved, allowing users to select features without the need for selection tools. When layer actions are configured, clicking features on the map now automatically initiates the actions. Optionally, you can also allow users to select multiple features using a rectangle selection tool. 

Data download 

Dashboard users are no longer required to sign in to download source data from an element. With the June 2023 update, dashboard viewers no longer need to sign in to an ArcGIS account to download source data from data-driven elements on publicly shared dashboards. 

Dashboard identifying the tab order for keyboard navigation


Dashboard accessibility has been improved. Navigating the dashboard using a keyboard has been made effortless and consistent. Keyboard tab stops have been added for each panel, element, and tab, allowing predictable navigation through a dashboard. Interacting with links, buttons, and selectors is now more intuitive, with the focus indicator seamlessly moving throughout the view. Dashboard viewers can perform actions like downloading data and interacting with selectors using a keyboard.