GIS in Law Enforcement and National Security

Whether you are analyzing crime patterns, managing special operations, or on patrol,
smart maps can help you keep your community safe.

How? GIS maps make information actionable.
Visualize and analyze data and empower personnel with real-time location insight for better decision-making.

Integrating Esri GIS mapping software into daily operations enables the Port of Long Beach to manage day-to-day operations, resources, and security threats.The Virtual Port system equips personnel with a common operational picture of real-time data displayed on smart, interactive maps.
Planning and Analysis

Better prepare command staff for any situation. Investigate big data and build an accurate picture of what’s happening.

Improve every workflow to understand current crime conditions, enhance response, and keep officers and the public safe.
Situational Awareness

Accomplish the mission with up-to-the-minute intelligence on what’s happening in the field, across jurisdictions.
Offender Management

Enhance decision-making with live data for every variable involved in corrections, probation, and parole duties.
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