GIS Moves to the Core of Water Infrastructure Framework

The Caledonia Water Alliance (CWA), formed between AECOM and Morrison Water Services, is supporting the delivery of Scottish Water’s water infrastructure element of its capital investment program. The program’s six-year framework requires building information modeling (BIM) compliance and digital technologies to improve deliverable materials. This close collaboration resulted in the utilization of mobile GIS as well as the integration of Web GIS and BIM. 


Previous delivery frameworks used by CWA did not leverage GIS technology effectively. GIS usage was reduced to converting spatial data to CAD formats. Deliverable materials provided to Scottish Water were often PDF based, lacking any option for interaction. This approach led to inefficiencies in the long run, a decrease in accuracy, and significant paper waste. To meet expected future investment planning needs and leverage available tools, a change was needed. Establishing BIM as the design process, improving workflows, and reducing manual data-handling activities were identified as key strategic measures in the digitalization of this framework. The challenge was addressed head-on by AECOM and its alliance partner, Morrison Water Services. 

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Source: Olivier Cottray 2022, Esri, accessed 10 November 2022, <Esri Blog>