Utility Data Management Support tools – 2.9.3/3.1.1 Release

We have officially released version 2.9.3/3.1.1 of the Utility Data Management Support (UDMS) toolbox.  This update is mostly bug fixes and performance improvements, but there are a few additions to the tools that I will highlight below. If you are unfamiliar with these tools, start out by reading the following articles:

What’s Enhanced

Batch Trace

Two new capabilities were added to the Batch Trace tool.

  • Historical Date Field – A new parameter was added to use a date from the starting points to run two traces per set of starting points.  If a date is specified, the trace is run against the current moment and at the time specified in this date field.  This will allow you to compare the outputs between the two moments and determine if a change has occurred.  This new parameter can help you run traces by section to determine if a section changed and if it needs to be updated in an ADMS.
  • Stats Table – The output folder parameter is now optional regardless of your result type.  If the output folder is specified, a new geodatabase with a stats table is created.  This provides information about when a trace was run.  This can be used to update the starting points history field with the moment the trace was run at.

Subnetwork Aggregator

One new option was added to this tool.

  • Calculate Asset Summary – Option to calculate and store asset counts per subnetwork. If checked, an AssetSummary table is created in the output geodatabase.

Change GDB Spatial Reference

Changing the spatial reference of a geodatabase with a Linear Referencing controller dataset is now supported.

Adjust Data Sources

If the maps have a selection set, it is now cleared.  Maps store selection sets by ObjectID.  When moving maps between data sources, there is no guarantee that ObjectIDs are the same for a row.  If selection sets are maintained, it could end up selecting the incorrect rows.

What’s Next

Sync C Tables

A new tool that will sync the Asset Group and Asset Type values in the C_Association and C_SubnetworkControllers table to the values of the rows in the domain tables.  This is useful if those values are adjusted during data conversion.

Terminal Contingent Values

A new tool that will assign a Contingent Value to the from/to terminal fields on the line layer and the terminal path on the Device/JunctionObject classes.

Load Asset Package Data

A new tool that will allow you to load data from an asset package to an existing Asset Package or Utility Network.  This will allow you to incrementally load data into your utility network.  This will support loading data into a version too.

We hope you find these tools helpful.  If you find an issue or want to request a new tool, please create an issue in the GitHub repo.