ArcGIS Business Analyst Update

Esri has announced the upcoming Q3 2020 release of ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App, Mobile App, and Community Analyst which is planned for the end of September 2020.

The new application release will include the following main drivers:

  • New business search data: Search and add businesses to your maps and analyses in the USA from SafeGraph data.
  • Improved sharing options: Export map layers and subsets of project contents to a new hosted feature layer(s).
  • Data updates for Canada, Germany, and USA: Demographic content updates for Canada (Environics) and Germany (Nexiga); updated business, shopping center, and traffic locations for USA.

New business search data from SafeGraph

During the 2020 User Conference, feedback from participants emphasized the need for more business locations data. As a result, Esri is adding the ability to search for businesses in SafeGraph’s USA Places data.

The earlier announcement shows that SafeGraph data can be added from ArcGIS Marketplace. The upcoming release will be able to grant users access to SafeGraph’s Places data (5.3 million points of data) directly within Business and Facilities Search without having to add the data from Marketplace. You will also be able to analyze the data and export reports or infographics with full business addresses.

The new release also includes plans to update the data quarterly. Further information about SafeGraph data can be found on the Esri data documentation and SafeGraph’s website for Core Places data. (Note that most of the variables found in Core Places are available in ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App.)

According to the product report, here are functionalities that support SafeGraph data in ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App :

  • Select default business location data. To set the default business location data to SafeGraph, click Preferences (gear icon on top right of screen), and in the General > Settings dialog (which is the default screen you should see), change the Business Data Source to SafeGraph by selecting from the dropdown options.
  • Business and Facilities Search. When you launch Business and Facilities Search, you can select the data source and search by 6-digit NAICS code, categories, and using the search field.
business search
In ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App, you can search for SafeGraph business data with six-digit NAICS codes (among other search options) within the Business and Facilities Search tool.

The screenshot below shows a map view of business search results of a sample 20-minute driving area using SafeGraph business data.

safegraph business map
Map view of SafeGraph data in Business and Facilities Search tool.

Full table results of the map above can be seen in the screenshot below.

safegraph table view
Tabular view of SafeGraph business data in Business and Facilities Search workflow.
  • Void Analysis. The same toggle to select SafeGraph business data is available within the Void Analysis dialog as well.

safegraph void analysis
Select SafeGraph data within analysis workflows such as Void Analysis.

Improved sharing options

Esri has noted that sharing within ArcGIS Business Analyst is limited to sharing an entire project. The upcoming release will enable users to share pertinent and manageable portions of a project instead of having to share the entire project. Users will be allowed to access important portions for further analysis, streamlining the collaboration process.

To share portions of your project, please follow these steps listed below by Helen Brown:

  1. Click on the share icon located on the right side of your Maps
  2. In the Share Map dialog, you will be able to select specific layers within your project
  3. Select the organization groups who you would like to have access to the selected layers.
  4. Enter the name of the exported layers. This will be saved as a new hosted feature service.
  5. Those who have access to this layer should now see the new hosted feature service under My Esri > Contents.
share as feature service
Share parts of your ArcGIS Business Analyst Project with your colleagues as a new feature service.

Data updates

Esri Q3 2020 release will also include the following data updates:

  • Canada Annual Demographic Data Update
  • Infogroup Business Data Update for USA and Canada
  • USA Kalibrate Traffic Data Update
  • DMM Shopping Center Data Update

Photo credit by Robert Bye

News Update Story by Helen Brown: Product Manager for Esri ArcGIS Business Analyst. She thrives on prioritizing problems and delivering market-level value through scalable, intuitive products.

News Source: Esri Blogs.