What is coming in ArcGIS Survey123 May/June 2022

Esri develops a Beta model of the Survey123 June 2022 (construct 3.15) in the update in the Early Adopter. Test the new features and validate your existing works today. Take a peek into some of these updates;

CAPTCHA support for web surveys

The Beta version of Survey123 comes with the CAPTCHA bot for all web surveys. This is purposed to determine if the survey is being submitted by a real human or a spam bot.

Styled survey social media cards

If you propose to sell a public survey thru social media, make certain you take a look at this one. In any social media platform helping the OpenGraph standard, survey playing cards will show your survey thumbnail and outline. A properly searching survey card is possibly to get greater clicks, and meaning greater records for you. You can extrude the thumbnail and outline of your survey from the Survey123 clothier or Connect. Then, you want to truly reproduction the whole URL (no the shortened URL) of your survey into your social media platform and the cardboard could be created automatically.

New streaming tools for the Survey123 field app

New upgrades have been made to the vertex capture method for geotrace (line) and geoshape (polygon) questions. The upgrade is aimed to support the ability to capture geometry while collecting information for other questions in your survey.

Bug Fixes to Survey123 FieldApp

  • DE-000005423 BUG-000148675 Polygons shift after ending the edit session of a map question.
  • DE-000005422 BUG-000148749 Images not loading in Inbox.

Other notatble updates to be mentioned includes the use an XLSForm expression to set the file name of photos and signatures and New pulldata() properties.

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Source: IsmaelChivite 2022, Esri, accessed 10 June, 2022.
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