Site Status Inspection

The site status inspection dashboard is for Network Facilities’ monitoring. This dashboard gives a full overview of field workers and status on different workflows on the field and near real time information such as, Number of Operational sites, Proposed sites, permitting sites, construction sites, Sites with needed inspection, Population coverage, live survey information and field workers tracking, via workforce. Other applications like Survey123 for ArcGIS 3.10, ArcGIS workforce and a web map were embedded in the dashboard.

Survey 123 for ArcGIS was used to generate a survey form for field workers to send in information when they are out on Tower inspection. It majorly covers two sections on New Tower survey and existing Tower survey.

ArcGIS Workforce served as a solution to seamlessly task field workers. Workers could be monitored in real time as they complete their task or have pending task. The web map viewer then displays the spatial location of field workers, the locations of where the surveys are been submitted and for further analysis.


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Adebayo A. Quadri

Technical support/ Professional services analyst

Sambus Geospatial Nigeria
Tesini P. Dombo

Technical Support and Professional Services

Sambus Geospatial Nigeria